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Cohesive Music~Cohesive Design

All copyrighted materials must have the works cleared for arranging each year, and with each purchase.

Green Ivy on Stone Wall

The Vine

*2023 UIL 5A Area Finalist*

"The Vine connects us. It move through. It grows and it grows."

This show combines beauty and tenacity, with strong soloists, trio and percussion. A show to connect, to uplift, and to engage the audience.

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Grow as we Grow- Ben Platt

Golden Hour- JVKE

Signs- James Newton Howard

Javelin- Michael Torke

Long Train Ride

The Last Train Home

The melodic and harmonic wonder of Pat Matheny and Imogen Heap, along with a sing-song ballad connect us to a soldier's last train ride home. 

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Last Train Home- Pat Matheny

Coming Home- Pat Matheny

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Ah-Ha- Imogen Heap

Cartoons in the Air


Music from all of your favorite Looney and Looney-adjacent favorites.

Can-Can - Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld

Unchained Melody

Dance of the Comedians

Barber of Seville - finale

A Looney way to have your Band Day


Percussion: Donald Myers

Neon light tube letter L.jpg


Need we say more? This show is all about the L. Fun, diverse, easy to design to. This show is fun as L!

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Music includes:
UmbreLLa- Rihanna

PachelbeL- Cannon in D

heLLo- AdeLe

Blue Skies- ELLa Fitzgerald 

eLeanor Rigby- Beatles

Singer in silhouette.jpg


The Music of Classical Opera and the ROCK of Van Halen

*2023 UIL 4A State Qualifier*

Our Divas go from classical to rock, but the the Diva life is forever!

Percussion: Russell Wylie

Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 5.28.25 PM.png

A Bird's Eye View

A vivid depiction with music from Max Richter, Vivaldi, and Mary Poppins

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

From the first moment, the crowd is immersed in the sound and views of life as a bird. Using Vivaldi, Max Richter, and original material, A Bird's Eye view is an optimistic, challenging, and fully-realized show with something for every audience member.

Acrobat Performer

The Grand Illusion

Are you watching... closely?

The music of Bernard Herrmann, Lynn, Jeremy Bell, and Steven Bryant bring an exciting, challenging, and mysterious production sure to keep audiences guessing!

Percussion by Russell Wharton


Dorothy Dreams

Dorothy dreams of an alter-ego, one who did not choose the ways of the East!

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Using the music from The Greatest Showman, Mussorgski, and even Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross's "Endless Love." Gosh, do we love Toto.



The Pressures of Social Media can bring us down, but we can find solace in setting the phone down.

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Under Pressure, Billy Joel, Leonard Cohen, Twenty One Pilots all bring intensity, confusion, strife, and resolve to a deeply meaningful show designed by Clayton Harris.

Swinging Performance

Night Circus

Two Star-Crossed lovers meet in the Circus

Show design by Clayton Harris of (click for more details

Romeo and Juliet, I Can't Help Falling in Love, Satiric Dances, and more in this UIL State 5th Place Finalist show!

Feeding a Baby Elephant

A Day at the Zoo

March of the Penguins, Avian and Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals, Sensemaya, Prokofiev, all weaved together with Maroon FIve's ANIMALS makes for a show sure to be a crowd and student pleaser!

All music arranged by David Walker, includes Mainstage build with purchase.

Wooden Tunnel

End of The Tunnel

An out of body experience!

Starting with an accident, we slip into the next life...or do we?

Requiem for a Dream and potentially the oldest ballad on the field with Tomas Luis de Victoria, and of course, Mozart. 

Percussion by Russell Wharton

Circus Tent


Creepy Crawlies, Contortionists, All the World's a Freakshow

Danny Elfman, Radiohead, Sub Urban, all Dancing with the Devil, including original music by David Walker

Candle in Hands

The Hidden Light

We look deeply inward for a production not soon to be forgotten.

The power of harmony prevails with Imogen Heap, Duncan Thumb, Vienna Teng, and an original movement by David Walker. 

Battery Percussion by Ryan Miller

assorted-color Mozart statues_edited.jpg


Melodies For Life

Your perfect show for LVB's 250th birthday! As a Beethoven fan, whose read the 1,000 page biography on him, this show incorporates hits as though they were echoed through a mountain range.



Elton John and Ruelle? Out of this world!

This show, originally for a collegiate ensemble, has plenty for a competitive group! Aggressive sound design and winds make for a show that's out of this world!
Original battery percussion by: Shane Gwaltney

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.27_edited.jpg


Answer the call of Delphi

Ancient sounds command the sound of the oracle. Powerful brass, ethnic percussion, plenty of features, a temple with flames, adorned with "γνῶθι σεαυτόν" (know thyself) make for an evocative and energetic trip into the past. Sam Hazo's "Arabesque," Chance's "Pagan Danes" and original music drives the production forward.

Image by Cameron Venti


The Earth is our Inspiration

The music of Hanz Zimmer, Daniel Snook, and original music present the Elements. This show uses wind, water, fire, and earth as an inspiration for a show that works well with improving ensembles.

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